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Scottish Seal and Castle

In Feb of 1978, eight enthusiastic people met to create an organization for the purpose of sharing their common heritage with others. It took nine months of hard work and support to create the "Scottish Society of Richmond, Va". The bylaws were written by the committee, and on September 7th at a general meeting, they were adopted. On January 25, 1979, the first slate of officers was elected. It included the following:


Betty Scott as President
Clarke Booth, II as 1st Vice President
Rosemary Day as 2nd Vice President
Margaret K. Kelly as Secretary
Margaret A. Watkins as Treasurer
Kevin M. Kilgore as Historian
Elanor Snellings as Parliamentarian


Upcoming Events

4/29 - Kirkin o' th' Tartan

4/29 - Norfolk Tattoo April 26-29

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