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The Society was originally founded for the purpose of passing on the ideals of Scottish heritage through education and sharing of information about Scotland. The Society provides a gathering place for those of Scottish background to meet and enjoy their colorful Scottish heritage.


To further the Society's goals, a charitable and educational fund was established for scholarships for the study of Scottish arts and culture. Each year awards have been given to those of Scottish background for their studies. Literature on Scottish heritage has been presented to local libraries, thereby building a considerable body of Scottish reference materials in this locale for the general public.


Besides the donations made through the charitable and educational fund, the Society sponsors annual events for it's members and the interested public. A few of these events include:


Robert Burns' Night Dinner
Kirkin' O' the Tartans
Participation at the Highland Games and Festivals
Heritage Promotional Activities


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How to Join


It's easy. Simply download an application here. Fill it out and mail it in to:


(for now please email)

For more information about membership benefits and cost please look here or email at membership@richmondscots.org




Events and Activies are planned monthly for the membership


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Upcoming Events

4/29 - Kirkin o' th' Tartan

4/29 - Norfolk Tattoo April 26-29

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